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We are interested in innovative solutions that address the problems of power using Blockchain technology. We are looking to fund solutions that help solve Nigeria's chronic energy problems.


The first popular use cases for blockchain were fintech solutions. In Nigeria, many problems still exists in the fintech space. We are seeking founders solving interesting problems in the fintech space.


We need to guarantee the sustained future supply of food for the world. We are looking to fund innovative thinkers that are using blockchain to solve food problems in farming, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, tracking, quality assurance and others.

Blockchain Laboratory, Nigeria

Welcome to the Lagos Blockchain Lab. The lab was created to accelerate the decentralized innovation across Africa. We believe that innovators and disruptors don't ask for permission to innovate. Block chain gives innovators that power. Apply to join the lab today to be a part of the Blockchain revolutions that will leapfrog Africa ahead of the world.

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Meet the people of the Blockchain laboratory.

Olapade Moyosore

Moyo is an astute entrepreneur. After studying and living in Europe, he has garnered a strong affinity for solving world problems. This birthed the set up of Sibaritas Ltd, a firm with diverse specialties: with key focus on renewable energy and real estate.
Moyosore has worked with the real estate arm of Grantham Partners, a successful real estate company with a proven track in luxury developments. He also worked with Lubeck Capital - a micro-fintech company that leverages on technology to provide mciro short term loans to individuals and small businesses. He has worked with FCMB and Verod Capital in various capacities.

Moyosore has a Financial Economics background and a degree in Business Finance. He possesses extensive knowledge in equities/commodities trading, real estate development, IT and Business Process Improvements.

Moyosore is also a Director at Grantham Partners and Aymur Investments Limited.


From the USA Daniel has spent the last seven years building Blockchain solutions. Daniel studied at the University of Michigan where he worked at Bitbox, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA.
Daniel subsequently cofounded the College Cryptocurrency Network (now Blockchain Education Network) a nonprofit that provided Blockchain educational initiatives at Universities in over 10 countries.

In 2014 Daniel received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a Blockchain solution in Ghana which ultimately led to the concept of Seso. This experience has provided valuable expertise in the land administration and financial inclusion implementation.

Tobechukwu Onuegbu

Tobechukwu is a software engineer with special skills in front end development. He has experience developing dynamic web and mobile applications with beautiful user experiences and interfaces.


Akinyemi Akindele has experience building scalabale solutions on the blockchain. He has a background in computer science and machine learning.

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